Salisbury Panorama

This panoramic aerial photograph is stitched together from 20 photos taken by a camera hanging from a kite line (this was done before there were a lot of drones around). This framed photographic print is yours if you make a donation of $250 to our cause. There is only one of these available.

The panorama is professionally printed and mounted. The image surface is protected with a matte film. The metal frame is 16.5 by 32.5 inches, with glass.

The subject is the village of Salisbury, VT in its finest fall colors on October 24, 2011. Because it includes parts of 20 photos the panorama has great resolution. In the embedded image below you can zoom in to see the full detail of the panorama. There is a full screen button on the embed. The photographer is Chris Fastie.

If you wish to make a donation of $250, click Add to Cart and you will be taken to a secure PayPal site where you can pay with PayPal or a credit card. Price includes delivery if you live near Salisbury. We will use your entire donation to inform the residents of Salisbury about the upcoming vote to fund BLSG for next season and for other public outreach efforts. Thanks.

The payment you make will be to “The KAPtery” which is an easy way for us to collect money. Moosalamoo Woods & Waters is not yet a 501(c)3 organization, so your purchase is not tax deductible.