Trending pests

When you search for a topic with Google, you get a list of websites related to your topic. When you search for a topic at Google Trends, you get a page of metadata about who else has searched for that topic. Organic Lesson just posted a story about their searches at Google Trends for the searches people do for ways to deal with pests.

According to this story, in the US in 2018, the pests that most bothered people into searching for remedies were flies, ants, and bedbugs. Mosquitoes were number four:

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The BLSG district

The BLSG Insect Control District includes the towns of Brandon, Leicester, Salisbury, Goshen, and Pittsford. We are not the only insect control district in Vermont, but we are the only one where pesticides are sprayed to control adult mosquitoes. In addition to treating many acres of standing water to kill mosquito larvae, malathion or permethrin are sprayed in a fine mist from a slow moving truck along some town roads.

Below is a map of the five towns currently in the BLSG district.