Larvae or Adults

The BLSG Insect Control District operates two different mosquito control programs. The Vermont Agency of Agriculture funds a program to apply bacterial larvicide granules from the air to kill mosquito larvae in standing water. The five towns in the BLSG district fund a program to apply chemical pesticides along roads to kill adult mosquitoes.

The differences between the two methods of controlling mosquitoes are dramatic. Discussions about the effectiveness or safety of BLSG operations should specify which program is being discussed. The table below highlights some of the differences (click for better view).

This is a simplified outline of the two programs and many details are not included. For example, bacterial larvicides are not the only products used to kill mosquito larvae, and bacterial larvicides can be dispersed by hand. Also, spraying of chemical pesticides can be done via a backpack sprayer instead of a truck-mounted ULV machine.

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